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Wednesday 18 September 2019


Venue: Fordham Heath


Max no. students 4


Price - £55

Workshop: Seedheads (beginners/ improvers)

Other information:


Tea, coffee and biscuits provided throughout, bring your own lunch/ snacks




-  Sewing machine capable of working freehand (feed dogs dropped or cover plate used)

-  Basic sewing kit - scissors (paper and fabric), pins, unpicker etc

-  Embroidery hoop (between 6-10 inches)

-  Fabric stash and selection of threads (suggestions will be emailed to you shortly before the workshop)

-  Slippers (to make your feet extra comfy!)



This is a new workshop which takes you through the process of creating a textile artwork from planning through to completion.  You can work to Heidi's Seedhead templates, creating your chosen design or you can design your own seedhead composition, to create something unique to yourself.


Heidi will demonstrate how to create various floral seedheads using free motion embroidery, and you will get the chance to practice these designs, chosing the ones you prefer for your final composition.


Other information:


Tea, coffee and biscuits provided throughout, please bring your own lunch or snacks.




- Sewing machine capable of working free motion i.e. feed dogs dropped or cover plate used

- Darning, quilting or similar hoop foot for sewing machine

- Basic sewing kits (pins, scissors etc)

- Embroidery hoop (between 6- 20 inches)

- Fabric stash and thread

- Slippers (to make your feet extra comfy!)


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