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My blog is where I chat about random things connected with running my small business!

Hand crafted cards from Folksy

By Heidi Meier, Oct 17 2018 08:15AM

If you love to buy people hand crafted cards, then a visit to Folksy, the online website that is home to thousands of small art and craft businesses in the UK, will soon get you hooked. There really is something for all tastes and occasions.

Most people offer personalisation - you just need to contact the shop owner and ask them.

I specialise in hand crafted cards that are made from combinations of textiles and cardstock, with other embellishments. For those once in a lifetime occasions, I hope my cards give the recipient something that you cannot get form the traditional high street card retailers. They may cost more - although craxzily that's not always the case - (prices range from £2.25 up to £12.95) but when the card can be framed after the Big Day, and becomes a lasting heirloom keepsake, then they are remarkable value for money!

My favourites are my wedding range (although many are just as suitable for a milestone birthday or an anniversary):

Folksy is a great place to shop for something which is truly original, and by shopping there it supports a multitude of artists and crafters up and down the country. My shop address is here - if you register on the site and favourite my shop, you get to see all my new designs too!

There are all sorts of styles to choose from, so to give you a flavour, here are some cards from people I regularly chat with online:

Brenda hand paints her cards and there are a variety of styles in her shop to chose from - this is one of my favourites currently. Click on her name to visit her shop.

Carol has many lovely cards to choose from but it's her parchment cards which I love the best. Click on her name to visit her shop.

Tina is a painter and her cards are beautiful. Very delicate and perfect for framing - how can you find anything like this is your local shop?! Click her name to visit her shop.

And if you love textiles, but there's nothing in my shop which grabs your atention, there are many more people, such as Hannah who creates these beautiful mini masterpieces. Click on her name to visit her shop.

So all in all, Folksy will have the perfect hand crafted card for you! Enjoy browsing and let me know how you get on!!

Oct 19 2018 03:07PM by Teodora

They are all very pretty!

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