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Welcome to my blog


My blog is where I chat about random things connected with running my small business!

About ‘Folksy’

By Heidi Meier, Nov 11 2017 02:09PM

Today I thought I’d chat to you about Folksy and why it would be great if more people knew about Folksy.

Folksy is an online shopping platform, where thousands of small micro businesses and gifted amateurs run their own mini-shops. Absolutely everything in these stores is created by the shop owners using a multitude and art and craft skills. You can find anything from a textile greetings card, a beautiful hand made ceramic bowl, a piece of fine art or piece of gorgeous hand worked jewellery.

Some people have heard of Etsy, which is a similar American marketplace. Folksy is 100% British and only people who are based in the UK are allowed to open up shop on Folksy. So it’s great if you want to buy British.

(Above - original textile artwork from Heidi Meier Textiles £35 plus p&p)

Many people have heard of NotOnTheHighStreet.com, which is a slicker version of Etsy, but where mass produced goods sit alongside handmade stuff. Curiously, many things on NOTH are actually available to buy on the High Street, but that’s another story...

On Folksy, it’s all about handmade, and it’s not curated. This means the ‘professional’ artisan who pays their mortgage from their online sales sits alongside the talented amateur who just loves to create things. So all the photos may not be professionally staged and shot, but if you want something custom made that’s 100% unique to you or the gift recipient, you can bet they can do that for you too.

On a political note (as I do love my politics!), if you supported Brexit then what better way to show allegiance to your fellow British makers by buying cards, gifts and personal indulgences via Folksy, and if you voted to remain in the EU what better way to ensure British small businesses are given a helping hand through the current turbulent transition. Buying British, even in a small way, is a great way to support your country.

Every purchase makes a big difference to these micro shops. When a big corporate shop makes a sale, they probably don’t do a little dance or shriek ‘Yay!’. But the shop owners of Folksy do – some do a little jig, some jump up and down and some get happy as they realize maybe they can afford that extra treat for their family now.

So can you buy everything you could ever possibly need from Folksy? No. If you want cheap TVs, books, CDs and other lovely stuff, then I think you’d be better off at Amazon or one of the other big high street players.

But, if you are looking for handmade items that are sold by the people who have actually made them, then Folksy is your first port of call.

To help you, you can look in the Gift Guides, or Folksy’s Favourite Finds or just use the old fashioned search categories!

My online shop is on Folksy, and I’m trying to raise the profile of Folksy. If everyone who reads this blog bookmarks the site and then next time you are looking for a card, a gift or want to buy something lovely for yourself, why not go to Folksy.

And if you find something gorgeous to buy, you can also have the knowledge that someone somewhere is doing a little dance and values your sale!

Happy shopping! Xxx

Here’s my shop – why not start there!


Nov 11 2017 03:28PM by Amanda Barwick

Thank you for blogging about Folksy, Heidi! I think it's a great place to shop and a great place to sell. My shop is https://folksy.com/shops/plumporridge

Nov 11 2017 04:34PM by Julia K Walton

A great, positive idea and write-up! :o)

Nov 11 2017 06:03PM by Maxine

Great post Heidi, have shared thank you :) https://folksy.com/shops/MaxPringJewellery

Nov 11 2017 08:08PM by Teodora

Great post! I shared it on Facebook page :).

Nov 12 2017 11:26AM by Heidi

Thanks ladies - I've had a great response to the blog so far, so let's see if we can keep sharing the message about Folksy! :)

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